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A small update September 5, 2008

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Time to get the vaccuum cleaner out.

There hasn’t really been that much to talk about lately, except that the colony wars are becoming alive again as factions new and old take a stand against domination. The weeks following WrathOfGod’s disbanding saw a walkover by Halcyon and Vradical; virtually the whole map was theirs.

Certain issues between Halcyon and other factions have led to some of the other factions rising up to challenge the giants, IraDeorum being one of them. In the following weeks colonies saw new owners; joining the fray are, aside from IraDeorum, ANGELES, Trojan, GuardsOfHonour, GrandLodge, Megalomaniacos and BlueOcean.

I must say rejoining the war is a refreshing experience. Many were bored with the ‘simple life’ of grinding. Colony wars really connects the members as an event where we can all have some fun while acheiving our objectives.

Now the colonies have been reset, let the best (and fastest) faction win!


Another Week Another Update August 4, 2008

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After the previous debacle of the 4D lottery system with IAH management taking down the issue and discussing it amongst themselves, they have finally got back to me in regards to this issue and have said that although they don’t wish to condone such affairs they will allow us to continue. Having said that there were a lot of people complaining about the whole idea even though they didn’t want to try it out and we had a lot of people wanting to play also. In the end we have decided to postpone the idea for now until wthings settle down a bit more and we may reconsider setting up another system. (seriously can’t see why people can’t just turn a blind eye if they’re not interested, after all everyone turns a friggin blind eye to the botting in the game and yet when we come up with some new things to do in game they go blah blah blah. To all those who gave constructive critisicm such as “your system is not transparent” or “your system is kinda unfair” we have taken this into consideration for next time if there is a next time).

Moving on, myself and sally will be working on making sure we have weekly events and prize give aways as well. We recently had some great Gate of Flames fun even though the loot was terrible and we spent countless pots and ammo and stayed in there for 2 hrs and all we get is a fire shield it was fun to be able to play with everyone.

(I’ll post up some screenies later)

We’re starting to get back on track with our PvP action lately also. More of that on our forums. I know I did organize something for this weekend but because of some real life issues I seriously forgot all about it (sorry to all those who logged on especially for it I’ll make it up to you next time promise). Anyhow this week we should definitely have some good PvP action with more members participating. Who knows, if people feel up to it maybe we can invite outsiders to join in the fun and share tips for one another.

So to sum up, over the past week, there were a lot of ups and downs, a lot of twists and turns, a lot of bumps and bruises…. you get the picture. But ultimately I’ve had a great time playing GE again and I hope that you guys have had some sort of sensation for GE again. Let’s try not to let the game die out yet even with the constant botters, real money traders, quitters, whiners etc we can still have a good time together as friends.

(Very Dull Post, I’ll try and dig up some old screenies to make it look prettier later)



Trivia Night July 22, 2008

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19th July 2008,

Due to not having enough members online for a proper raid or to do some mass pvp training we decided to enjoy a quiet night in with some Granado Espada Trivia night. The event was quiet successful and very fun indeed. 20 Questions relating to Granado Espada were asked by myself (Callisto) and members had to answer the questions. The first person to answer the question completely was awarded with 1 point. In the end the member with the most points won prizes. The questions were hard but it proved that a lot of members had great knowledge about Granado Espada and a lot of members could type very very very fast.

  • 1st Prize Winner: Peligro 1 x Key of Vergo the Cursed
  • 2nd Prize Winner: Arthrun 1 x Lv 100 Daemon Sword
  • 3rd Prize Winner: Tea & Inazuki 1 x Lv 100 Shield Each
  • Bonus Round Winner: MinistryOfLaw 50m Vi’s

The night ended well and after we passed out the rewards we decided to head a small contingency of armed forces or about 10 members to the Ice Wizards Tower just for a little search & destroy and hoping to find the ever elusive elite 92 armour recipes. Sadly, although we had a great time, we didn’t find a single worthy drop for a whole hour. We did manage to down a few mini bosses though which was quite fun especially when half of us were using Veteran Classed warriors.

Ok... so I forgot to take any screenies so I decided to post an old picture of one of the bosses outside Ice Wizards Tower

Ok... so I forgot to take any screenies so I decided to post an old picture of one of the bosses outside Ice Wizards Tower

Hopefully this week we’ll be doing something much more fun and exciting so stay tuned on for announcements on our Forum, Blog Page, Faction Notice.



Our First Flame

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13th July 2008,

With our journey just beginning the faction decided that it was time to achieve something which we could call our own. Readying our soul… pots and preparing our minds we journeyed into the depths of Topolo Durga and attempted our first raid on the fiery Gate of Flames and found ourselves up against the ferocious Fire Golem.

The Fire Golem vs IraDeorum

The Fire Golem vs IraDeorum

After casting our spells and clashing our swords for over half an hour long we finally quelled the flames of this fiery lifeless creature and defeated our first Fire Golem and reaped a bunch of nice loot along the way. Of course this was not enough to quench our thirst for power and items and we decided to raid another Fire Golem and then another. All in all we attempted 3 Gate of Flames and managed to successfully defeat each one which was much more than expected. A job well done by all members who participated.



Our First Step To Glory July 13, 2008

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12th July 2008

After recently forming for no more than a mere week IraDeorum stepped up to the challenge of achieving a higher faction rank in the world of Granado Espada. On the 12th of July 2008, we set forth and asked Pioneering Officer Christelle about how we should proceed. To our amazement, she requested a simple task in order to prove our worth. That task was to destroy the menacing Great Hill Giant in Vegas Javier. So began our journey into the world.

Approaching the Great Hill Giant in Vegas Javier

Approaching the Great Hill Giant in Vegas Javier

Fighting the Chrysallis in Prison De Joquin

Fighting the Chrysallis in Prison De Joquin

The task was a simple feat, the one proceeding it was even simpler. For our own satisfaction and enjoyment, we decided that we would all just use one family member per family. This proved to fulfill our hunger for enjoyment.

Having stepped up the rank of our faction, we decided to go all the way and requested to once again prove our worth. This of course was met with another request by the Pioneering Officer Christelle. We were asked to part-take in a colony war on a small scale between the Republic Brigades and the Royalist Armada. Having many powerful members within our faction, the task was once again, child’s play. Hence at 11:34pm we achieved faction level 52.

Faction Level 52 Colony War...... inside Secret Temple???

Faction Level 52 Colony War...... inside Secret Temple???

In order to celebrate, we decided to head off into the party district in Reboldeaux City Reception Hall 1. Some members didn’t have time to hang around so only a select few could make it to this RSVP party. We mucked around a bit and took silly screenies but all in all we had great fun. There were plenty of pictures taken but they were mostly all ‘R-Rated’ 🙂 .

The World at My Feet

Bowing To The Blue Aura



The Introduction July 11, 2008

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Our story begins in a land known as Granado Espada (Cervantes) in a time long ago when sword and magic existed not as legend but as a reality. Many have since forgotten our tales of war due to the peace which have dulled our minds like the a rusted sword within it’s sheath.

On the 7th of July in the year 2008, IraDeorum was created as a ideal, an ideal to ensure the happiness and integrity in the world of Granado Espada. We seeked to free people from the burdens of war and instead concentrate on the true evils of the land which at the time were only known as raid bosses. At the time of the conception of the faction many loyal members from the predecessing faction, WrathOfGod, followed the path and believed in their brave and noble leaders and took the plunge into the unknown. Little did we all know at the time of how much happiness we gained in the process. This is our story. This is Ira Deorum.

Ira Deorum

Ira Deorum